How do biomass boilers work?


Biomass boilers work in much the same way as conventional boilers, but instead of burning gas or oil, they burn solid fuel – typically (and most efficiently) wooden pellets, but also shavings, logs and even corn.

 Domestic biomass boiler with fuel hopperThe solid wooden fuel is fed into the boiler either manually or by using an automatic hopper, and from then on, the boiler offers all the functions and benefits of a typical gas boiler, with automatic controls and pre-sets.

With improved manufacturing processes modern biomass boilers are now smaller and more efficient than ever – indeed, a biomass boiler can be more than 90% efficient, equalling the efficiency of some modern gas boilers.

A potential downside for some people is that a biomass boiler and the associated storage for the fuel do take up more room in your house than a standard boiler.

But many people – especially those whose homes aren’t supplied with natural gas – consider these small prices to pay for the savings on their energy bills and the fact that, with a biomass system, their home’s heating and hot water come from a carbon neutral source.

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