Save and earn up to £6,800 a year with wood-fuelled heating


Save and earn with biomass boilersAs well as cutting your home’s carbon output by up to 9.5 tonnes* – music to the ears of anyone worried about climate change – a biomass boiler can save you up £2,202 a year on your energy bills (depending on how you currently heat your home) and, if your home isn’t on natural gas, you could earn a huge £4,671 on top in RHI payments, every year for 7 years.

A 45kw biomass boiler heating a 3-bed detached home for a year

Annual LPG fuel cost (7.8p per kWh)Biomass fuel typeAnnual biomass fuel costFuel savings each yearAnnual savings with RHI payment on top
£4,257Wood chip (3.5p per kw)£2,050£2,202£6,873
£4,257Logs (3.5p per kw)£2,050£2,202£6,873
£4,257Pellets (4.5p per kw)£2,260£1,596£6,267

This chart is Lime-Circle’s interpretation of the RHI payments and is a guide not a guarantee – we’ll give you an accurate idea of the income your home can expect to receive if you invite us to come and assess your property.

Wood chip boiler installer for homesHow does the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive work?

The government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is designed to encourage homeowners to take up renewable heat solutions.

Because we are MCS-accredited, your home’s Lime-Circle biomass boiler installation will receive a generous 12.2p per kW of heat produced.

A Green Deal Assessment (GDA) provides the space and water heating requirements in kWh for your home.

This assessed figure is multiplied by 12.2p to provide you with your annual guaranteed tariff payment, which will be paid every quarter for 7 years – guaranteed. You can find out more about the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive in our blog article: Everything homeowners need to know about the domestic RHI

*Source: Energy Savings Trust, October 2011