Biomass boilers for homes – good for your bank balance and the planet


Biomass boilerA Lime-Circle biomass boiler installation will help you access the government’s generous Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme to save and earn up to £6,800 a year while heating your home and water in a sustainable, virtually carbon-neutral way.

Why consider a biomass boiler heating system for your home?

  • You could earn a huge £4,671 a year* in RHI payments if you’re off gas, guaranteed every year for 7 years. To find out how the RHI works, read our domestic Renewable Heat Incentive blog article.
  • Reduce your energy bills – wood pellets are between 40% and 60% cheaper than oil or propane, saving you up to £2,200 on your heating bills.
  • Make your home easier to sell and add value to it – according to a MORI survey, environmentally friendly additions to a home like a biomass boiler typically add £10,000 to its value.
  • As efficient as, or better than, oil – biomass boilers offer heating efficiencies that are equal to, if not better than, oil.
  • Proven eco technology – over 1 million homes across Europe are heated using a biomass system.
  • Installed by passionate experts – we’ll assess your home, design a sustainable heating system that works for you and install it professionally and quickly.
  • Dramatically cut your annual CO2 emissions – by up to 9.5 tonnes**.
  • Live more sustainably – helping to develop and support a wood-fuel supply chain creates badly needed jobs in the countryside and encourages responsible forest management practices.
  • Your first annual service free – we’ll come back to your home after one year to give your biomass heating system a full service for free, saving you £150 + VAT at 5% only
  • Free trees with every biomass boiler installation – we’ll dedicate a group of trees in your family’s name on your behalf, in the Woodland Trust wood of your choice.

To find out more about biomass boilers and how they can help you save serious money while living more sustainably, call 01949 829 046 or 07890 022002, or get in touch using our contact form. Our renewable heating experts would love to talk to you about a biomass installation.

*A green deal assessment (GDA) will provide the space and water heating requirements in Kwh for your property. This assessed figure is multiplied by 12.2p to provide you with your annual received tariff payment. The generous tariff payments are paid over a 7 year period.
**Source: Energy Savings Trust, October 2011


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