Delivering all types of quality wood chip for biomass boilers

All our fuels are BSL-registered and deliver to farms, businesses and homes in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. call 01949 829 046 or 07890 022 002 now for a wood chip quote, or get in touch via our online contact form.

We deliver all types and specification of wood chip, ethically sourced from FSC woodlands:

  1. Screened Sawmill Chip – This is the high quality chip. It contains NO bark and fines <5%. Moisture 20-25%.
  2. Log Chip – Quality log chip. Quality chipped wood, NO leaves, NO contaminants. Low fines. A firm favourite.
  3. Trunk & Branch Chip – This is our best seller. Dried down to 20-25%. Low leaf, even in Summer. A fantastic chip that allows you to gain the maximum yield from your boiler.
  4. Arbour Risings – A good quality chip for owners of large boilers that require high volumes of wood chip. Our Arbour Rising Chip is screened to take out the over-sized particles that can to lead boiler breakdowns.

Too much moisture can cause early heat exchanger failure, water jacket damage and poor heat output. Too little, and the chip burns too fast resulting in your boiler firebricks to crumble. Too much ash leads to carbon slag build up, which reduces performance and efficiency. All our wood chip products ensure this does not happen.

Lime-Circle wood chip fuel contracts

Our annual fuel contract means you’ll always have the quantity and quality of wood chip you need, when you need it – at a fixed price.
Each customer’s fuel contract is different, with terms agreed based upon your individual needs and circumstances and the requirements of your wood fuelled boiler

Reliability & Longevity

Established in 2011, Lime Circle has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of Wood Chip in the Midlands and Eastern Counties.

Large & Small Volumes

Our fleet consists of hook loaders and walking floor HGVs, allowing us to cater for all orders, large and small and reach the most inaccessible locations.

Free Annual Boiler Service

Enter into an annual fuel supply contract with us and we’ll service your biomass boiler every year for free, even if we didn’t install it!

Outstanding Customer Service

For our fuel customers, we offer an unrivalled, technical assistance for all your biomass requirements.