Biomass boiler heats large space

Creating a big annual income stream for Retreat Lodges

Retreat Lodges in Cumbria are a big deal. Big on style, big on quality – and operating from seriously big premises. Their custom built lodges are crafted in a Second World War concrete hanger of biblical proportions. So when it came to their big, big heating requirements, they needed a company that was (yes, you’ve guessed it) big enough to deliver.

Efficiently keeping cavernous spaces warm

Biomass boiler heats large spaceAnd, of course, a big, big boiler. On our advice, they chose a 200kw ETA biomass boiler to provide heating not only for their draughtsmen and sales and ordering offices, but also to heat the vast workshop space housing the individual lodges they’re in the process of building. We created a micro-climate to speed up the drying process and keep their talented craftsmen warm during the biting Cumbrian winters.

The boiler is filled from a bespoke designed internal superhopper, which is filled bi-monthly using a teleporter with a specifically designed wood chip bucket. Thanks to the fact that the ETA boiler can be controlled remotely online, the heat it produces can be managed while the building isn’t open or in use for production, meaning maximum efficiency in terms of fuel input and RHI payments.

To minimise the space taken up by the new eco wood-fuelled heating system, the boiler was placed in an existing exterior concrete building with the buffer vessel and manifolds situated inside the building.

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