Homeowners save £1,300 a year – and earn £21,000 in total RHI payments – with biomass


ClientJeremy & Rachael
We installed...ETA PC 20
Annual fuel saving £1,300+ (oil vs. pellets)
Annual RHI income£3,000

Professional couple Jeremy and Rachael wanted a sustainable heating system to go into their new home. The current oil boiler was becoming very thirsty and unreliable, and it was time to say goodbye…

They heard about us from a friend…

A previous biomass cusLime-Circle ETA boiler installation in hometomer recommended Lime-Circle to the couple, and we were invited to assess the property and come up with a proposal. Jeremy had already carried out research and was favouring a German or Austrian manufacturer. After seeing an ETA PC 32 installation of ours he was convinced that an ETA boiler should be installed into his dream home.

The house has little or no insulation and due to its construction, it would be difficult to reduce the heat loss. A detailed survey of the couple’s habits and the home’s heat requirement pointed to an ETA PC 20 being the idea choice.

The existing boiler was housed in a utility room but as with every home, space is at a premium and so the idea the boiler could be located outside in the double garage was very appealing. The ETA PC 20 has open protocol so controlling the boiler from the house was taken care of.

The couple were getting through more than  £2,300 worth of oil a year. The predicted pellet consumption of their biomass boiler is less than £1,000 per year, aided by the web-enabled control systems controlled by their smartphones. And thanks to the newly launched domestic RHI, the couple will receive a tax-free income of £21,000 over the 7-year period.

Property with Lime-Circle biomass boiler installation

The installation took just over a week and the couple were only without heat for four hours while the old system was swapped to the new. Highly insulated pipes join the boiler and hot water cylinder to the house, all controlled by wireless and web-enabled  systems, giving the ultimate in heating control.

So in summary, they are saving over £1,300 a year on fuel costs and will receive £21,000 in RHI payments – all while doing their bit to save the environment. Why wouldn’t you chose ETA and Lime-Circle…?

To see how a biomass boiler installation could help you save and earn money, call Lime-Circle on 0115 952 0263 or 07890 022002 or complete our contact form, and one of our renewable energy experts will be in touch soon..