Biomass boiler installation plugs gaps in existing eco heating system

We installed...26 kw Grant Biomass Boiler
Annual fuel saving10 pence per kw
Annual RHI income£2,684, or £18,788 over tariff period

Loft extension specialist Jamie went green over three years ago, having a heat pump, solar thermal panels and a rainwater harvesting system installed in his newly extended high-end dormer bungalow.

But his experience with green energy installers wasn’t a positive one. The original installation company had massively undersized their heat pump unit, which meant that it wasn’t big enough to heat his home adequately. This led to the family shivering through two cold winters…

Our brief: “Make my family warm this winter!”

Before any installation, we always carry out a heat loss calculation so we can correctly size the heating system that will be needed. The Biomass boiler installation saves homeowner Jamie moneydormer bungalow had a mixed system of underfloor heating and radiators to heat their home. Our heating solution was a 26kw biomass boiler located some 30metres away from the household, set up to support their mixed heating system.

We laid highly insulated pipes into a trench and connected them to where the heat pump was originally situated. Heating circuits were used to switch the boiler on using the cabling laid within the ground pipe, with relays to stop back feeding from the internal and external pumps.

Jamie and his family now have a reliable and controllable green heating system that meets their needs – and most importantly, they’ll be kept warm this winter…

We can connect a biomass boiler to all sorts of different heating systems – to find out more, call Lime-Circle on 0115 952 0263 or 07890 022002 or complete our contact form, and one of our renewable energy experts will be in touch soon…

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