Call today for a no-obligation assessment of your farm


Give us a call on 0115 952 0263  or 07890 022002 – in the evening or over the weekend if it’s easier for you – or use our contact form, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions about Lime-Circle, typical biomass boiler installation costs and the RHI.

The next step is to arrange a no-obligation site visit so we can produce an accurate quote, a detailed specification and a set of schematics that show how biomass will work for you and your farm.

On your site visit, we’ll:

  • Wood fuelled boiler installation on a farmIntroduce ourselves and get to know you and your business.
  • Carry out a survey of your farm – how many buildings need heating, what their individual heat load requirements are, what, if any, existing systems we need to interface with…
  • Outline the options available to you – boiler type, make and model – and make a recommendation.
  • Show you the savings and projected RHI income of our recommendation.
  • Find out whether there are any parts of the job you wish to undertake yourself to keep costs down – for example, if you have the equipment, you can dig your own pipe trenches under our instruction.

Your Lime-Circle quotation pack will typically be with you within 4 days of your site visit.

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