Think big biomass for big returns – £24,834 per year…

Despite what you may have heard, big biomass systems still pay, and your business can take advantage of the high tariffs that are still being paid to owners of 200kw+ systems with Lime-Circle Ltd.

Hounslow Hall Estates are a major player in the South Midlands farming and leisure industry and have always been at the forefront of diversification, playing host to Land Rover and its Experience the Country leisure brand for many years, including off road training and Segway rides. The estate’s owner is always looking for new ways to maintain a healthy balance book and keep the farm moving forward with the times. Enter Lime-Circle…

Big estate, big heat requirement, big ideas for the future – BIG biomass system…

200kw+ biomass boiler installation

The ETA 350 kw boiler was installed in the main farm building, which is some 80 metres long and 50 metres wide – this space contains workshops, light industrial units, high tech office space, a sports hall and cafeteria, all to be heated by the biomass boiler and all to bHH buffer boilere controlled efficiently and remotely.

The heat network we designed had to allow for future building alternations and increased loads as the estate continues to thrive and grow – the installation of biomass was a statement by the present owner that he is getting ready for the future, and our experience in biomass system design means we were able to propose a future-proof solution.


Top priorities? Reliability, efficiency and flexible control

The ETA boiler was chosen for its reliability and communication capabilities – the ‘mein ETA’ platform means the boiler’s parameters can easily be changed as demand and building use changes. Coupled to the 350 kw boiler is a 10,000 litre buffer vessel – carefully considering and specifying the right size buffer vessel is something so many biomass installers overlook, but it plays a critical role in the performance and efficiency of the system as a whole. Larger buffer vessels mean less short cycling, and therefore better performance

Custom designed 8 pump manifold delivers targeted heat on demand


Linked to the buffer is the start of the control system. To increase control and efficiency we custom designed and built an 8 pump manifold to distribute the heated water from the boiler to precisely where it’s needed. So many times we come across biomass systems where one big pump pushes heated water around one big loop – no no no!  This is hugely inefficient – why not send the heat to where it’s needed and needed only?

Each of the custom manifold’s 8 pumps distributes heat as requested by wireless programmable thermostats.

Almost 1.4km of beautifully precise pipework

HH PIPEWORKThe pipework on this installation is a visible demonstration of our commitment to precision and quality workmanship – Lime-Circle’s Managing Director Chris settles for nothing less than absolute perfection in all things, so the staggering 1.4km of pipework in this installation is all hung beautifully straight and correctly.

We like neatness…


Heat-hungry sports hall moves from propane to air blown unit heaters

HH HEATERS Before we began work, the 50 metre by 30 metre sports hall was unheated –  very big (and thirsty!) propane heaters were used to bring the building’s temperature up to useable levels. We installed 8 air blown unit heaters, powered by the biomass boiler. Each of the unit heaters brings the sports halls temperature up by a delta of 10 degrees in under twenty minutes, giving ultimate flexibility to the use of the buildings. Once the building reaches its target temperature the fans waft heat gently and almost silently – and now, using wireless technology, the sports hall can be preheated remotely from anywhere in the world with wifi, via a tablet or smartphone app.




Large wood chip drying floor guarantees future fuel security

Our ETA boiler also powers a large drying floor, allowing the estate to not only batch dry seeds and grains for various outlets, but also its own wood chip.  This will allow the estate to bring its woodland back into a managed status, provide fuel security in the future and lower lower fuel costs, improving the tariff margins on the installation.

All  design and installation was carried out by Lime-Circle – giving our client peace of mind in the future for servicing and maintenance – the system was installed to RHI standards and we made the RHI application to Ofgem on behalf of the estate, ensuring it receives a healthy tariff for 20 years

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