Ensure your boiler reaches the end of the RHI.

You’ve made a big investment, regular servicing gives boiler longevity and efficiency. For that extra piece of mind and security for your biomass boiler, Lime Circle can offer you an unsurpassed maintenance package. The maintenance plan can be on an easy to handle direct debit basis, charged monthly.

The price is for service and labour only, non-warranty parts and mileage charged at 45p per mile will be charged extra. The required payment will be invoice on completion of your annual boiler service.

A keystone to continuing your RHI payments is having a full and comprehensive service record of your biomass boiler. Failure to produce this under audit will result in cessation of your RHI payments.

It’s most important to remember that your manufacturer’s warranty can be invalidated if you do not have the annual service documentation available should you need to make a claim on the warranty.

With our knowledge of boilers, combustion, fuel and heat delivery we include all of the below in your maintenance agreement:

  • 1 full service
  • 1 Interim mid-service
  • Boiler warranty replacement parts
  • Non boiler replacement parts
  • Labour and mileage

BIOMASS BOILERS under 200kw                   £350 – £500 plus VAT & mileage

BIOMASS BOILERS over 200kw                     £900 – £1250 plus VAT & mileage


No other company can offer you our depth of knowledge, skill and engineering know how.

Why not give Lime-Circle a call on 01949 829 046 to discuss maintenance options for your biomass boiler system?