Re-engineering of existing biomass boiler systems to optimise performance… your biomass system performing badly? We have the knowledge and expertise to work with your existing framework to improve reliability and output. There are many hastily installed biomass systems in the UK which are giving their owners poor fuel consumption, poor RHI returns and generally failing to meet expectations.

Lime Circle is one of the only biomass installers and service engineers to offer bespoke engineering solutions to your existing biomass boiler install. All too often the original installation is carried out without a true understanding of the customers, the boilers and the heating requirements required to make the installation successful as a whole.

With our knowledge of boilers, combustion, fuel and heat delivery we can engineer a bespoke solution to issues including:

  • Incorrect flu height and support mechanisms
  • Inadequate fuel delivery apparatus.
  • Inadequately sized fuel hoppers
  • Badly designed heating delivery networks
  • Poor system design as a whole

These are all issues that the expertise of Lime Circle can resolve to make your biomass reliable and efficient.

No other company can offer you our depth of knowledge, skill and engineering know how.

Why not give Lime-Circle a call on 01949 829 046 to discuss your site’s suitability for biomass boiler system optimisation?