By choosing biomass, you’re helping our woods to flourish


When you install a biomass boiler in your home, you’re helping to bring the UK’s woodlands back to life. Consumer demand for biomass fuel encourages responsible, sustainable woodland management, restoring neglected woods to their former glory, driving the planting of new trees and creating new jobs. This is something to celebrate – and when you choose Lime-Circle, we’ll help you do that by dedicating a group of trees in your family’s name, in the Woodland Trust wood of your choice.

  • Choose from over 50 woods across the UK – including the 4 national Centenary Woods to commemorate those who lived and died during the First World War.
  • You’ll receive a dedication certificate for each tree planted in your name, and information on the wood and how to find your tree (though to preserve the natural beauty of the woods, the Woodland Trust don’t mark dedicated trees).
  • The number of trees we’ll dedicate depends on the size of your biomass boiler installation.
  • If you’d prefer, we’ll make a donation to the Woodland Trust on your behalf instead.

For a quote on a biomass boiler installation in your home and to find out more about our tree planting offer, call 0115 952 0263 or 07890 022002, or get in touch using our contact form