How do biomass boilers work?


A biomass boiler is a wood-fuelled boiler. It links in to your current heating system and radiators and works just like a conventional boiler, with the same automatic controls and pre-sets, but instead of burning gas or oil, it burns solid fuel – typically wood pellets, wood chips or Miscanthus grass. The fuel is fed from an automatic hopper.

catley 2Unlike a gas boiler, you do have to carry out a little maintenance – loading the fuel hopper monthly and emptying the ash bin as required. And while modern systems are more compact than ever, a biomass boiler and the associated storage for the fuel do take up more room than a standard boiler. Generally we can find space at your business premises to store the fuel, and most businesses are more than happy to find the space in exchange for the 20-year income stream a biomass boiler generates.

To find out whether a biomass boiler is right for your business, call us on 0115 952 0263 or 07890 022002 or complete our contact form, and one of our renewable energy experts will be in touch soon.

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